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Meet the Agents at U.S. Title

U.S. Title was started in early 1992

U.S. Title was started by Inger McRae and her late husband, Robert McRae. U.S. Title is the oldest locally owned and operated title insurance agency in Gainesville, Florida. It has been locally owned and operated since the beginning and remains that way to this day. With experienced, knowledgeable people at the helm, U.S. Title can help you with any of your title needs. Call us at (352) 372-7000 for more information on how we can help you with your title questions.

Inger McRae, President Owner

Inger has been in the real estate industry for almost 40 years. She started as a realtor in Jacksonville, Florida, in the late 1970s. In 1986, she made the transition to the title industry. In early 1992, Robert and Inger moved from Jacksonville, Florida, to Gainesville to open U.S. Title’s doors for business. She has been running U.S. Title and staying an active part of the community ever since.

Sherra Gurman, Vice President

As the daughter to the owners of U.S. Title, Sherra was raised in the Title Insurance industry. Some of her earliest and fondest memories are going to out of county courthouses with her father to do title searches. Sherra returned to U.S. Title in 2013 and became a Licensed Title Agent in 2016.

Christy Waterbury, Processor/Closer

Christy Waterbury has over 24 years’ experience in the title industry. She spent most of her career working in and around South Florida. She moved away briefly to Tennessee but came back to Gainesville, Florida in 2018 to raise her growing family.

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